27 1 / 2011

This blog has moved to http://blog.digitalfoc.us as I begin to write my own content.

26 1 / 2011

Everyone was being so agreeable. The CEO nodded, the VPs agreed, the Directors were polished in their reviews. All the content was “good,” the timelines “reasonable,” the budgets “sufficient.”


25 1 / 2011

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Many people have so many things they want to change about their lives they don’t know where to start.

It’s overwhelming: you might smoke and eat junk food and need…

24 1 / 2011

As a current or aspiring entrepreneur, you should be meeting with a ton of people (potential customers, investors, biz dev partners, employees, journalists).

You will often get introduced…

24 1 / 2011

If you’ve ever found yourself hopelessly lost in an Ikea store, you were probably not alone.

The home furnishing chain’s mazy layouts are a psychological weapon to part shoppers from their cash,…

23 1 / 2011

Students walk around the University of California's Riverside campus last June.
Nearly half of the nation’s undergraduates show almost no gains in learning in their first two years of college, in large part because colleges don’t make academics a…

22 1 / 2011

photo: giumaiolini

Dining out with me is an experience. Because when I go to a restaurant, I go with a game plan: to enjoy the most delicious meal it offers, hopefully at the lowest…

11 1 / 2011

A Thought on Communication

A thought; a bit of mushy futurism: that the next generation of connected humans, the progeny of digital natives, will probably not communicate with remote others in…

10 1 / 2011

Most people don’t realize how brilliant they are.

This stems from:

A lack of self-belief.
A lack of external affirmation.
A lack of human mirrors in their life.

Or, maybe they’re just too…

07 1 / 2011

Use the One-A-Month Technique to Adopt Habits that StickWe’re not even a week into the New Year and you’re probably already feeling the pressure of your resolutions. Get out your list and get ready to overhaul it with the One-A-Month technique for…